Course Measurement and Results

We apologise sincerely to all of our marathon finishers that an error in the marathon course length was discovered part way through the day.

Despite the marathon route being measured correctly in the lead-up to race start, a human error in laying out a cone line meant that the final marathon course overran by 568m on the day.

We are also extremely disappointed about this mistake, which was only spotted once participants were on the course, and when an amendment was not possible.

Your finish time

We will be making an official adjustment to the course length for results and qualifying times.

This will mean that the 2021 Brighton Marathon will be registered as 26.55 miles and that your finish time will now be for that distance and not 26.2 miles.

We are unable to adjust everyone’s chip time by the same amount of time as each person will run to a different pace i.e. some may stop for water for longer or may walk for a while. One blanket adjustment will not work for each participant.

If you want to work out what you ran for the 26.2 mile marathon distance, you can make a calculation such as the below. This is based on removing what is traditionally the slowest section of the course for most people, from your overall time.

1. Work out how many seconds it took you to run between 40km and 42.2km e.g. if you ran it in 10 minutes this = 600 seconds

2. Divide this number by 2200 i.e. number of metres between the timing mats

3. Multiply this answer by 568 (This is how much time it took you to cover the extra distance)

4. Remove the time from your finish time

Qualifying for another event and UKA

If you were taking part to gain a qualifying time for another event, you will be able to submit the time you ran for the longer distance and your calculation for 26.2 miles from that.

It will then be up to that race organiser as to whether you are accepted.

With only 8 weeks to put the final event plans together following restrictions being lifted, we neglected to apply for a UKA licence. We are working with RunBritain to retrospectively put a license in place having fulfilled their criteria.

We will be able to confirm our UKA affiliation very soon.