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Join Nicola and be a British Heart Foundation Champion

By 21st January 2019

Nicola’s running for her daughter to help the British Heart Foundation beat heartbreak forever, find out why below.

When you run for the British Heart Foundation, you run to beat the world’s biggest killers. Conditions like heart diseases, stroke and vascular dementia. You run for the people you love. You run for mums, for dads, for brothers, for sisters, for friends, for loved ones. You run to fund research that helps to keep families together. One life saving breakthrough at a time.

Nicola is running for her daughter Annabel who was diagnosed with the congenital heart defect pulmonary stenosis at just a couple of months old. Speaking about her motivation when training gets tough Nicola said ’ What motivates me most is my family, the people who have had, currently have and may have heart problems in the future and the BHF who are working so hard to help them. When I don’t want to get up at 4.30am on a work day or 6am on a weekend for my long run I think of that and my sponsors who have shown faith I me. I used to run a lot, ran my first half marathon in 2010 and was planning to run a marathon. I then had my third and fourth children and put running on hold for a few years.
I started running again in February 2018 and, after I ran a 10k in September 2018, decided to sign up for a marathon. With Annabel’s condition, running for BHF seemed the obvious choice’

For now Annabel is not symptomatic and just needs regular monitoring. Nicola and her family are incredibly grateful for this and hope she will stay happy and healthy but they are aware not all families are as lucky. ‘ I’m running to raise money for the BHF to help them to create new treatments and discover new cures.’

Champions like Nicola have helped get the BHF this far – heart transplants, clot busting drugs, genetic testing and so much more but there is still more to do. Be a BHF Champion like Nicola, join the team, and fix your eyes on the finish line.

Whether you’re a first time runner or a seasoned pro, they’ll support you every step of the way. They’ll pump you full of top training advice. Let you in on the best fundraising tips. Kit you out in red. Cheer you on at the moments you need it most. And throw you the kind of party a champion deserves.

Because the BHF is built on champions. People from all walks of life who say ‘yes’ to a challenge. People who put their time, energy and aching muscles into helping fund research to beat heartbreak from heart and circulatory diseases.

So run for the BHF because together, you can beat heartbreak forever.


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