Prevent suicide: Run for Grassroots

By 8th December 2020

Today, 400 people in the UK will feel so in pain, so isolated, so helpless, that they attempt suicide. Of those, 18 will die.

The family, friends, and colleagues of those 18 people will feel their own pain, potentially for a long time to come. Losing someone to suicide is often traumatic and disruptive – those bereaved by suicide are at higher risk of suicide themselves.

Suicide is a tragic and urgent issue. But together, there is hope. Join us and act now.

What does Grassroots Suicide Prevention do?

We give people the skills and confidence they need to prevent suicide. These skills are easy to learn; with our help, anyone can become a lifesaver. In fact, they must. We cannot prevent suicide by leaving it to mental health professionals alone. We must all play a part.

That’s where you come in.

The Grassroots Runners are more than fundraisers

When you run for Grassroots, you join a community. You’ll get:

  • Hands-on fundraising and training support
  • Entry to the Grassroots Runners Facebook group
  • Cheer squad and team tent on race day

During this journey, our runners often become more than fundraisers. With our support and resources, you can raise awareness and get people talking about suicide through your fundraising. You become part of our lifesaving work.

Your support will save lives

With your support, our funded training can reach those who need it most.

Chris works in marketing. He nearly lost two friends to suicide. He came to learn know how he could keep his friends and family safe from suicide.

Through one of our courses, we taught Chris how to spot and help someone in crisis. A few months later, he used these skills to save a friend from suicide.

Read Chris’ story.

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