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By 29th April 2021

Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) dad, Chris, shares his story and the impact he’s making through running the Brighton Marathon for a second time.

GOSH dad Chris, (pictured with son, Pelle) is looking forward to taking on the Brighton Marathon this September.

Chris says “If you’re thinking of running a marathon and fundraising, do it for GOSH! I ran in 2019 and will run again in 2021 all for the same reasons really… It was amazing!! I want to give back some of what I feel we have received from GOSH.”

Chris’ story

“My son Pelle (5), was born with Pierre Robin Sequence and hearing impairment that gave him a challenging start to his life. His cleft palate, breathing and feeding problems meant that we spent a lot of time at GOSH and received the absolute best care and professional help. GOSH really is the most amazing hospital. They have done so much for us. They taught us how to feed Pelle, how to change his breathing tube every week to keep his airway unobstructed and they repaired his cleft palate.

GOSH opened up the world of sound to Pelle, so that he could say ‘what’s that noise?’ when he heard an aeroplane go by overhead, which quite frankly felt like a miracle. (He now never stops chatting, eats, dances and runs like a champ) GOSH work the most incredible magic and they do it every day for so many families through a tremendous amount of work.

When we recently had to go in again for an ear operation Pelle could hardly wait. And that is testament to everyone who meets him with respect, knowledge, interest and care, in a very busy hospital.”

Taking on the Brighton Marathon

Chris says “Running the Brighton Marathon for me is a combination of wanting to show that I am by his side no matter what may come, by pushing myself to endure an epic race, and wanting to get fit and back on track after some very challenging years for us all.

During my preparation and fundraising for the marathon I was shocked by the amount of love and support I received. People were so generous with their donations and it spurred me on to cross the finish line. I felt so proud to be wearing my GOSH vest and it was incredible to take on such an enormous challenge.

I will have pictures of the day to share with Pelle when he gets older, and I feel that I finally had the opportunity to give something back to GOSH after all they have given us.”

Chris’ marathon tips

“My top tips for anyone taking on the Brighton Marathon for the first time include getting some good strengthening exercises going early on and getting used to long distances. Start slow so that you can enjoy the run as long as you can before it gets hard. I once read that if you can walk 42km then you can run it too, and that has always stuck with me in training.

The atmosphere on the day is so supportive and you can run in your own tempo, soaking in the good vibes. Enjoy an unforgettable experience!”

Join #Team GOSH

In these extraordinary times GOSH, and the children it cares for, need your support more than ever. Like Chris, you can make a real difference when you join Team GOSH in the Brighton Marathon on 10 April 2022 and raise vital funds to support the world-class care at Great Ormond Street Hospital.

Your incredible efforts will help fund: 

  • State-of-the-art medical technology
  • Pioneering research into treatments and cures for rare conditions
  • Patient and family support services
  • New child-focused environments to help children feel safe and calm during treatments and recovery

As part of Team GOSH, you’ll receive:

  • A complimentary professional GOSH running vest
  • A post-race reception on the seafront
  • A well-deserved post-race massage
  • Professional training plans and support

We will be with you every step of the way to support you with your challenge.

Join Christopher and other inspiring fundraisers this year at the Brighton Marathon 2021.

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