How the NSPCC is working to change Children’s lives

By 9th February 2020

Everything they do is to protect children and prevent abuse, but they can only do that thanks to people like you.

Abuse robs children of their childhood. Without help, the scars of abuse can last a lifetime. The NSPCC is working to prevent abuse so that no child ever has to suffer.  Around 90% of their income comes from their supporters – people like you who decide to take a stand and help us protect children. They provide therapeutic services to help children move on from abuse, as well as supporting parents and families in caring for their children. They help professionals make the best decisions for children and young people, and support communities to help prevent abuse from happening in the first place.

Sophie, shares her story of being neglected by her parents and how getting support helped her to trust people again. No one was aware of what was going on. Her mum wouldn’t even notice if she had gone to school or not. She had tried to speak to her school but they didn’t think much was going on. She was often left by herself and felt lonely and when she tried to confront her parents they would deny it all and yell. She was finally referred to the NSPCC; who allowed her to talk about her feelings through our therapeutic services, talked to her tutor and helped her realise that it wasn’t her fault. To read more about Sophie’s story go here:

To support children like Sophie, the NSPCC work directly with children and families in our service centres across the UK and Channel Islands and through innovative projects.

Thanks to their 2019 Brighton team the NSPCC raised an incredible £25,000, which can help to fund training for 16 Childline volunteer counsellors, to be there to listen to children when they need it most. If you’d like to know more about running with #TeamNSPCC feel free to email them at or give them a call on 0203 772 9720.

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