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Why Cancer Research UK needs you at Brighton Marathon 2020

By 11th October 2019
Cancer Research UK

“Running Brighton Marathon is more than just a run. It’s fighting back, it is helping to tackle this cruel disease.”

I entered the 2019 Brighton Marathon as I always wanted to take on the challenge and my wife is from Brighton and we love the city.

I had run a half marathon before in the Serengeti a couple of years ago but nothing before that and nothing since. So, this really was a hard challenge and I knew when I finally cross that finish line I was going to feel terrible, but it would all be worth it!

I chose to run for Cancer Research UK because too many people are needlessly lost to something that is within our capabilities to prevent and I wanted to help contribute to the amazing work and progress Cancer Research UK are making.

Sadly, February 2010 our son was diagnosed with medulloblastoma and shortly before his 3rd birthday on the 5th April 2011 he lost his battle against this horrible disease. Words aren’t enough to describe his personality, but he was beautiful, strong, brave, funny, naughty, mischievous and so loving.

Join hundreds of CRUKChallengers at the start line of the 2020 Brighton Marathon and help us in the fight against this horrible disease. Sign up or request your fundraising pack today and run for Cancer Research UK to help fund research that will help develop more effective treatment and bring forward the day that all cancers can be cured.

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