“I will never forget the day when I received a text from my son saying: ‘Dad, where are you?’

By 24th February 2020

Kyle will be running the Brighton Marathon in memory of his son Reece. Here is their story

I will never forget the day when I received a text from my son saying: ‘Dad, where are you?’

It wasn’t the sort of text which he normally sent to me, and I knew that he really needed to talk. I am a long-haul pilot with Virgin Atlantic and I was away, but I called him straight away. When he told me that he had cancer so many different emotions rushed through me, such as sadness and horror. As a parent, I felt so helpless and I just wanted to protect him. I tried not to show my emotions on the call as it’s not what he needed but when I got off the phone I had a good cry. He’d had a lump in his hand and when a hand surgeon removed it they initially thought it was benign. Follow up tests had shown that he had Rhabdomyosarcoma, a cancer of the soft tissues.

He was quickly referred to the Teenage Cancer Trust unit at Southampton General Hospital and had four lots of chemotherapy. He was told that he’d have to have further surgery on his hand to remove more soft tissue, but they said to make sure they got it all they’d need to amputate a finger. Reece wanted to do whatever he could to get rid of the cancer, so he went for it. He was so strong. He had another five lots of chemotherapy followed by radiotherapy.

His treatment finished at the end of October 2015 and we were looking forward to Christmas. But on Christmas day he found a lump in his armpit and a CT scan confirmed it had spread. He started more chemotherapy followed by radiotherapy at the Southampton Teenage Cancer Trust Unit. This finished at the end of July 2016.

In September 2016 he started his foundation course at Bristol university. He was popular with his lecturers and fellow students, was on the ski team and edited a music paper, and met a beautiful young lady called Isabelle; life looked rosy for him.

But in December 2016 a routine CT scan showed that the tumour in his armpit was growing again and he tried to push Isabelle away to save her from the pain, but she stuck by him. She was so strong.

Reece’s story can be read here Kyle ran the London Marathon in 2019 in memory of his son Reece and will be running the Brighton Marathon in 2020 helping to raise awareness for Teenage Cancer Trust.

To join #TeamLegend at the Brighton Marathon please visit our website.



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