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This is for you son, I hope I can make you proud

By 26th November 2018

In 2010 I lost my son who was born too soon and it was the worst time of my life, carrying his tiny coffin will be the hardest thing I will ever have to do in life, running is nothing compared to that. Something unthinkable happens like this to people all the time and its shocking. I’d give anything for him to be here but that’s not going to happen so all I can do is try and stop it happening to others.  A cause so close to my heart and it means the world to me so maybe I will never stop pushing myself to raise money for Tommy’s. If the money I raise can stop just one person going through the pain and we went through then this is all worth it. I won’t stop running and raising funds for Tommy’s for as long as my body allows. We need to talk and share stories to understand that we’re not alone, and that both parents suffer when tragedies like this occur.’ Tommy’s supporter Lewis Keywood.

Tommy’s fund research into miscarriage, stillbirth and premature birth, and provide pregnancy health information to parents. We believe it is unacceptable that one in four women lose a baby during pregnancy and birth. We want every parent to have the best possible pregnancy outcomes and to take home happy, healthy babies.

We are supported by people who refuse to accept that a baby’s death is just ‘one of those things’. The people who support us want to do something about the lack of research and information around pregnancy issues. Like us, they believe every parent has the right to a healthy pregnancy and baby.

Tommy’s is the largest charity carrying out research into pregnancy loss and premature birth in the UK. Join Team Tommy’s and help halve the number of babies’ who die during pregnancy and birth by 2030.

Feeling inspired? Take part in Brighton Marathon for Tommy’s

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