Running Club Places

Every year, Brighton Marathon Weekend gives registered club runners the opportunity to secure a guaranteed place through their club.

For 2022, our Running Club places are now available for your runners to purchase all year round and include our lower price points!

We are also continuing our 2021 loyalty scheme for all England Athletics and Welsh Athletics clubs. For every 10 Brighton Marathon places that are purchased by runners from your club, you will receive one free Brighton Marathon place for the following year, and for every 10 BM10k places, a free BM10k place for the following year!

These free places are available for you to use as you wish, for example, you could use them to raise funds for the club in a raffle.

2022 Brighton Marathon Weekend – 10 April 2022 


*we will notify clubs directly by email of upcoming price rises and deadlines



The Club Secretary will need to send us ([email protected]), the runners’ first name, surname and email address prior to the “Entries Accepted Until” deadline listed above per price point.

Once we have received this information, we will invite each runner to register online and pay to enter. They must complete their individual registration prior to the “Registration Available Until” deadline to be able to pay at the listed price point. If they miss this deadline, they will still be able to enter, but will be charged the next price point.


– Can a club runner who is not registered with EA/WA enter?
• Yes! Places are open to all individuals registered with the club, regardless of whether the individual is EA/WA registered.

– Can a runner defer their place from the 2022 event to 2023?
• Yes! If they have paid for their place, but are unable to run, they are able to defer for a small fee. (£20 for Brighton Marathon, £10 for BM10k). This guarantees their place for the following year.

– If a runner defers their place, will they still count towards our 10 places?
• Yes! The runner will be included in the count for the year they originally purchased. However, they will not be counted in the year they defer to.

For any queries please email [email protected]