Is there 24 hour site security?

Yes. There will be security across the site 24hours a day from Thursday to Sunday. If you require security for your individual stand please get in touch directly.

When will exhibitors receive weekend event accreditation?

8 weeks prior

What back drops will be available to put product behind / will the organiser be providing?

We offer blank shell, exhibitors will need to provide the wall and any Marquee fittings.

Can an exhibitor provide hard walls?

No, the marquees are made up of an interior frame and outer cover, usually being PVC.

What additional branding can exhibitors add to their marquee?

Exhibitors can add to their stands however they wish, within reason, within their contracted marquee space. Panel signage will be provided on the front of the marquee.

Is the organiser able to store stock on behalf of a brand?

No, we are unable to provide this service.

Is parking included?

Parking isn’t provided as part of the package. Brighton is a city with plenty of car parks which we can provide exhibitors with a list of. We are looking into options with NCP, regarding a booking link for exhibitors and will be able to update in coming weeks. This will be booked and paid for directly by the exhibitor.

Will space only stands have a level floor?

The exhibition takes place on a beach so space only stands should consider their own floor covering.

Can exhibitors bring running treadmills?

Yes with appropriate checks.

What’s the width of the trackway?

6 metres.

Can the Expo trackway be used for shoe demos?

No. We would suggest bringing a treadmill with you for this purpose. Please talk to our team if this is an option you would like to explore as checks will need to be made for such an installation.

Are discounted hotel rooms available for exhibitors?

We do not currently have rooms for partners and exhibitors. We are looking to provide a booking link with our partner hotel and bookings will be on a first come, first served basis. The exhibitor will pay directly and the organiser will not have any financial commitment.