Five of the best recovery techniques

Want to progress in your running? Give your body the chance to adapt to the training stress with these recovery tips recommended by everyday athletes as part of Girl’s Run The World’s Real Women Review series.

Coach Recommendation: Performance Naps

We all know that sleep gives our muscles the chance to recover after training. But have you ever tried a short nap for recovery after a hard session? Give it a go, it works.

“If I’ve done a long run or bike ride, or something very intense, the very best thing you can do is to sleep for ten minutes.” explains GRTW founder, Rachael, a veteran winner of the Mumbai marathon and GB Age Group triathlete. “It can often help you get over the sensation of feeling sick after a hard effort and give you just the right recovery reset.”

Schedule Your Rest Like a Training Session

“Rest is as important as a run or bike ride, but if I don’t plan it into my training plan, I’ll often forget.” says Catherine Bevan. “Now I prioritise my recovery sessions and stick to it, otherwise I end up running around doing chores and get no rest at all.”

Stretch and Release

“I always stretch after training even if it’s only for five minutes.” explains GRTW runner, Ceri. “It definitely helps me to avoid stiffness and delayed onset muscle soreness.”

GRTW Coach Tip: Foam rolling can also help massively!

Take the Plunge

“I always take a cold bath, because it helps to reduce muscle inflammation, flushes out lactic acid, and helps my muscles to recovery after training.” explains cyclist, Georgina. “I also use Epsom Salts and take a magnesium supplement which can help to ease soreness.”

Pull Up Your Socks

“I SWEAR by compression socks for recovery after running and cycling particularly now that I’m in my late forties. There is countless evidence to support the fact that compression garments can help, because they pump more blood to the muscles, which means quicker recovery. Gains from wearing them during training are marginal at best. But get them on afterwards, they’re a godsend.” – Girls Run the World founder, Rachael

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