Riding In Groups and Hand Signals

8th March 2022BM Ride


It is important to understand how to ride in groups when taking part in a mass participation bike ride.

Please see the below terms and techniques and make yourself familiar with them ahead of Event Day.

BM Ride gives you a rare opportunity to ride on closed roads. You will be one of 2,000 riders of varying ability and fitness.

As you move through the event, try to find a group of riders that are of a similar ability to you. Remember that by riding on the wheel of the cyclist in front of you, you are saving around 20% effort. However, by doing so the risk of crashing is considerably higher, so follow these top five tips to riding safely in a group.

  1. Look at the road ahead, this will give you time to react to any situation that arises.
  2. Try to ride smoothly. Erratic manoeuvres and sudden reactions will cause problems for other riders. Try to anticipate braking so that this can be done in a controlled manner.
  3. Listen to calls. Try to learn the main terms and react to what others around you are calling. Repeat that call down the line to make sure others behind you have heard it.
  4. Look, look again… then move. Before making any lateral move, you should look over your shoulder to ensure that no-one is overtaking. Don’t forget to look over your opposite shoulder before retaking your position in the peloton.
  5. Take your turn. You won’t be thanked for latching onto a group and not making the effort to do some of the leg work. Do some simple maths; if you are in a group of 5 you should be spending a fifth of your time at the front doing the hard graft.


If you aren’t familiar with hand signals already, here are some of the most useful to learn ahead of the ride.

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