You will have received an email from us detailing the runner registration system, along with the link and team password details that you will need to send on to your runners.

If you have not received this please contact us to request this to be resent.

Please send your runners the registration link, which they must follow in order to reach the correct registration category. They will need to select the correct charity team and enter the team password so that they can complete their registration.

Should the runner, for any reason, need to start their registration over, they will need to exit the form and click on the registration link again. They must not click on ‘start registration over’ or they will be asked to pay for their place.

Please Note:

  • This registration link has a usage capped at the number of places you hold in the event. Please DO NOT register yourself for the event if you are not taking part, as this will use up one of your places.
  • If you are taking part and registering for the event yourself, please make sure that you log out of MyEvents first. You can then use the registration link to access the form.
  • All runners MUST use a unique email address and complete the form themselves – please DO NOT register on behalf of your runners.
  • DO NOT invite runners to join your team from the MyEvents console as they will be presented with a cost against the place. Only register runners to the team by sending them the link you have been provided with

Registration information and deadlines

  • All runners taking one of your charity places must have registered on our system by 3rd March 2019
  • There will be no exception or extension to this deadline, after which time you will not be able to sign up further runners. It is your responsibility to make sure your runners have registered
  • Register your runners ASAP – the sooner they sign up, the sooner they start to receive our e-newsletters
  • You DO NOT need to sign up ‘own place’ runners because they have already registered when they purchased their place in the Marathon. Please only sign up runners taking one of your charity places
  • You MUST send the registration link to your participant to complete – DO NOT complete the form on their behalf, as we require them to agree to our T&Cs and provide us with their medical information
  • If one of your runners drop out you MUST email to cancel that runner’s registration.

If someone drops out after the 24th February 2019 and before midnight on 6th April the you MUST notify us to cancel their place – the runner MUST NOT complete a deferral request form (this is only for own place runners). The unfilled place will then be able to be counted as an eligible deferral – You WILL NOT be able to register another runner.

Further details can be found in the Charity Guide to runner registration, which we would ask you to read should you have any problems or queries.