As an event, we try to be as sustainable as possible while still ensuring a great event for our participants, supporters, spectators and the city itself.

Official Publications

  • We took the decision after the first couple of events that all participants would receive their Participant Instructions documents and the Event Programme as a digital copy rather than a hard copy, paper document. With thousands of participants taking part each year, this has saved on a vast amount of paper, printing and postage.

Cups and Water

  • We saw a huge wastage of liquid when using 500ml bottles of energy drinks and 330ml bottles of water, where runners would take a few sips and then discard the bottle. Using paper cups allows better distribution of fluid across the course.
  • The clean-up operation is essential for the permission of the event. In order for us to receive an event licence we need to give the city back to the community as quickly as we can after runners have passed along the route. Paper cups are much easier to collect than plastic bottles.

Park & Ride

  • By offering a Park & Ride service to our participants and their supporters, we help to reduce the amount of traffic coming in and out of the city on Race Day. We are now also looking into ways that will reduce printing and postage of park and ride passes for the 2019 event.


  • We work with Rabbit Skips to ensure that as much of our waste is recycled from event weekend as possible, from cups to plastics and cardboard that is used for the packing and delivery of event items, such as medals, T shirts, branding and more.
  • At the Start, a local charity collects discarded clothing (runners often bring second hand items to keep them warm and then throw away before they set off) to repurpose.
  • Many of our event items from the hundreds of Volunteer bibs to signage and miles of branding are re-used as much as possible each year.