Each participant receives a beautiful medal and ‘Finisher’ T Shirt (coming back for 2023!) with matching theme, as part of their entry. 

In 2022 we revealed our medal for the first time to our runners pre-race, and it was a real hit.

Look out for announcements in your emails and on social media for the new 2023 medal!

Plant a Tree instead

We are proud to be working with Trees Not Tees, giving our participants the option to plant a tree instead of receiving an official event T-Shirt.

When signing up for the Brighton Marathon or BM10k, participants will be able to choose whether they want an official T-Shirt or if they would prefer to have a tree planted by Trees Not Tees instead. Brighton Marathon Weekend will pay for a tree to be planted in place of providing a T-Shirt. Or, if you would like to plant a tree and still receive a T-Shirt, you can do so by making a small contribution of £5 to Trees not Tees.

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