These instructions will provide you with essential information alongside our more detailed briefing, which will be emailed to you late March. Please read this carefully and take the time to understand your responsibilities as a member of the Volunteer Team.

We hope that you enjoy your experience with us, make some new friends and most importantly have fun whilst helping our runners and spectators have a great weekend!

Thank you for volunteering your time to play a very important part in the safe and smooth running of the Brighton Marathon Weekend.

Weekend Schedule

Friday 17th April:

  • Beach Village – 10.00am – 7.00pm

Saturday 18th April

  • Beach Village – 9.30am – 7.00pm
  • Mini Mile Races – 10.00am – 4.00pm

Sunday 19th April

  • Beach Village – 8.30am – 6.00pm
  • BM Ride Start – 6.30am
  • BM10k Race Start – 9.00am
  • Brighton Marathon Start – 9.45am

Maps for the start areas, the courses and the Beach Village will be included in your briefing notes but you will also be able to find these on the main web site.

Travel to the City

Please ensure you arrive in plenty of time for the start of your shift. We recommend that you use public transport wherever possible, as there will be road closures on the weekend of the event, and parking is extremely limited.

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Depending upon which role(s) you are taking up this Brighton Marathon Weekend, you will need to look at one or more of our maps to get acquainted with the layouts of the various courses and villages. Links will be available below soon.

General Rules and Customer Service


  • Sign in at your Volunteer HQ in plenty of time
  • Being friendly and approachable, helpful and understanding to all
  • To report accidents and incidents
  • To monitor the crowd, be visible and calm
  • To look out for participants’ and volunteers’ well being
  • To have a duty of care to yourself; come prepared, wear comfortable clothes and shoes and get a good night’s rest the evening before
  • To arrive on time to your correct area
  • To stay at your area on the day until told to leave
  • Please help us enforce our no smoking policy at all of our events


  • Security – Please leave our specialised team to deal with security issues. Just call your Zone Manager for help.
  • To deal with medical incidents. You are not here to administer First Aid and you are not insured to either. We have a very large and experienced medical team – it is imperative that you communicate any medical incidents or issues to your Zone Manager.


As with any event, an exact finish time is very hard to predict. When you have come to the end of your shift, please contact your Zone Manager to inform them that you need to leave.

  • If you are in a key position, please radio or ring them; do not leave your location unattended. A handover can then take place at the end of your shift.
  • Please sign out at your Volunteer HQ so we know exactly who is on and off site.

If you are going to be late or cannot make it on the day please call the Volunteer Contact number at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled start time: 0844 811 4358.

Your Safety

Please remember that your safety and the safety of our staff is paramount.

  • If it is a hot day please make sure you drink plenty of water, wear a hat and sunscreen and take breaks as instructed by your Zone Manager.
  • At all times, please be aware of your own safety, particularly in regard to traffic and moving vehicles.
  • If you have any concerns please raise them with your Zone Manager.
  • Do not put yourself in compromising situations and if something feels wrong tell a member of the Event Team
  • Make sure you are aware of your surroundings
  • Make sure you have told someone where you are for the day
  • Never give your personal details out to strangers
  • Make sure you have the tools you need to do the job safely
  • Only lift or carry things that you can easily manage
  • If you are asked to operate a piece of equipment make sure you have been properly shown how it works and you are licensed to do so
  • If you are given safety equipment and or clothing please use it – this is your responsibility
  • Inform your Volunteer HQ Manager if you have any medical conditions or are pregnant

First Aid

Brighton Marathon Weekend has employed the services of a team of experienced clinical specialists and St John Ambulance to support the event. Medical teams will be on site at all times; at the Start, Finish and on the course.

  • Please liaise with your Zone Manager when you arrive, to understand where your nearest medical point will be located. If you require First Aid attention, please inform your Zone Manager who will assist in getting the First Aid to you, or direct you where to go if applicable.
  • If a participant or member of the public needs medical attention please contact your Zone Manager (the person supervising you). Although many of you may have attended First Aid courses, we do not expect you to treat incidents. However, in the unlikely case that you are the only one on the scene to a collapsed runner, providing CPR could save someone’s life. The NHS has provided some simple advice and guidelines here:  Please take some time to visit this page and read it.


  1. Watch out for potential and actual medical needs
  2. Clear the area, call for assistance
  3. Redirect participants on the course to avoid collision if necessary
  4. Do not administer any First Aid unless you are trained and insured to do so and it is an emergency
  5. Remember, you could be liable for any inappropriate treatment you give. Moving a casualty can aggravate their condition
  6. Ensure there is no danger to you
  7. Stay calm and don’t run! This can cause panic and also tire you out, so that you are less able to deal with the situation when you get there
  8. ‘Accident‘– is an injury which is not life threatening
  9. ‘Emergency’ – is a life threatening threat / major incident


Due to the large number of staff and volunteers on site and the complexity of the event, it is essential to have a clear communication structure.

There will be many radios distributed at the event, and obviously not everyone will have a radio. We are asking all volunteers to come with their mobile phone fully charged on the day. If you cannot locate your Zone Manager or Team Leader and an incident occurs, please use the Emergency Telephone number for the Contact Centre: 0844 811 4358.

Share your photos on the day with #BrightonMarathon, #BM10k or #BrightonHero to see your pictures on the app photostream.

It is also a good idea to download the event app so that you have a quick link to the information that we host on our website. This can be downloaded by visiting the App Store or Google Play and searching for ‘Brighton Marathon’. Once you’ve downloaded the app, navigate to either the Brighton Marathon or BM10k.

Lost Children


Lost child: A child is reported lost by a parent or guardian.

Found child: When a child cannot see/ find their parent or guardian.


  • Ensure you stay with the found child or person reporting the lost child, until given further instructions
  • Report the lost / found child by one of the following:
    • See if there is anyone close by with a radio – e.g. a medic or steward and ask them to report in that you have a lost / found child
    • If this is not possible, contact your Zone Manager or Zone Leader
    • If no answer, then please call the Brighton Marathon Weekend Contact Centre on 08453 1000 88
  • When reporting the incident please give a description of the child but DO NOT give the child’s name over the radio or over the telephone.
  • Please do ensure you provide the following:
    1. Child’s age
    2. Child’s hair colour
    3. Child’s height and sex
    4. Child’s clothing description
    5. Location on where the child was found/or last seen
    6. Your name and contact details
    7. Once reported, you will be given next steps as to how to manage the lost or found child.

Lost Property


Lost property can be accepted by volunteers and staff. Please ensure all lost property is handed in to the Zone Manager for the area the item has been found in. They will then look after this until the zone closes down.

When an item is received please ensure the item is logged with the following details:

  • Item description
  • Where and when the item was found
  • Handed in by whom


Property can be returned if volunteers and staff are happy that they are the rightful owner.

  • A full description should be obtained to support proof of ownership.
  • For records it is important that the rightful owner signs prints and dates when the item is collected


After the event all lost property will be taken back to HQ at the Hilton Metropole Hotel and then to the event organisers offices. All lost property enquiries will be handled by the event organisers from there.

If anyone enquires about a lost item once your zone has closed down, please ask them to email [email protected] with a detailed description of the item they have lost.

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