Join Team Brighton in 2019

Team Brighton is made up of amazing people who give it their all to bring the Brighton Marathon Weekend to life.

Being a part of the team is an amazing experience, helping to support thousands of runners and spectators at one of the biggest events for the city, and the UK’s second largest marathon.

To join the team, you’ll be enthusiastic, friendly, helpful and committed.

You can now sign up to volunteer at the 2019 Brighton Marathon Weekend using the button below. 



We are also looking for a new team of Marathon Makers who will be based within the Event Village for the 2019 event. The Marathon Makers will be paid roles and will support the management of the Event Village as part of the wider event team, overseeing a number of key areas.


Medical Team Opportunities

We are looking for a team of volunteer medical professionals to join the Brighton Marathon Weekend 2019 Medical Team.

As part of the team, you will be assigned a role in one of our medical locations on route based upon level of experience and expertise.

Once registered, our Medical Team will be in touch to verify and confirm your application.

Further information and details about the event and role will be communicated via E-Newsletters between February and event weekend.

Please read the document below detailing the information you will need to provide in order to be signed up as part of the team. Please then follow the link to register.


Massage Team Opportunities

At our Event Village, runners have the chance to seek advice and treatment both pre and post their race in our Preparatory and Recover Area. It is here that we are looking for a wonderful team of volunteer masseurs to join us and be on hand to provide that support for the 15,000 who will be embarking on their 10k, marathon or BM Ride challenge.

If you are keen to join our team of Volunteer Masseurs across the Brighton Marathon Weekend, please register via the link below. Once signed up, we will be in touch to provide you with further details.


Group Opportunities

We are looking for a number of groups to join us across the Brighton Marathon Weekend for 2019, so whether you are a group of colleagues, friends or from a sports club – we would love to hear from you!

There are a variety of opportunities to choose from (some will depend on availability), including water stations, crossing points, marshalling areas of the Course, areas at the Start, Finish and Event Village – all for varying sized groups from 10 up to 50 people.

Please email Natasha with your name, details of your group, where you are from and the number of people in your group. Please also include an indication of the area you and your team would like to support with. We will be in touch with further details and will endeavour to find a volunteer spot in your desired location, based on the size of your group.

Briefing Evening

If you are signing up to join Team Brighton for the 2019 event, please save the date for our Briefing Evening.

This is an evening to find out more information, ask your questions about the event and your role, and to meet the wider Brighton Marathon Weekend Event Team.

Further briefing information will be communicated between February and April via Team Brighton E-News letters, please continue to check these once signed up in the lead up to the weekend.

Date: Wednesday 20th March 2019
Location: Emmanuel at the Clarendon Centre, New England Street, Brighton
Time: 6.30pm – 8pm

Thank you

American Express support Team Brighton, the Brighton Marathon Weekend’s volunteer programme, which is crucial to the successful staging of the event.